Luso-American Foundation donates $8, 000 to UMD Summer Program in Portuguese

UMD Portuguese Summer Program receives $8,000 FLAD grant

June 8, 2012 – Dartmouth, MA. The UMass Dartmouth Summer Program in Portuguese, now in its 19th year, has received a grant of $8,000 from the Luso-American Foundation of Lisbon, to be used for scholarships as well as lectures and other cultural activities.

Among this year's scholarship recipients are students from Massachusetts and other states and international students from several countries, including India and China. The UMass Dartmouth Indic Studies Center and International Programs Office also offered over $3000 in matching grants. 

"These funds allow us to sponsor more students not only to learn the Portuguese language in a global context, but also to experience the unique Portuguese-American and other Portuguese-speaking cultures of our region. It also allows us to play a more visible role in this culture, especially through the many events that we organize and to which the public is always invited," Prof. Christopher Larkosh, director of the program, stated recently. 

The Summer Program also received funds from the Instituto Camões, the Portuguese institution that promotes the teaching of the Portuguese language throughout the world, for a Portuguese and Lusophone Film Series, which will include a film viewing and a question and answer session with the internationally recognized Portuguese film director Sérgio Tréfaut. 

As in previous years, the Summer Program will offer beginning, intermediate and advanced language courses, as well as courses that highlight the cultures of the Portuguese-speaking world. Activities open to the public include lectures in Lusophone studies, the film series, and a musical performance on Cape Verdean Independence Day (July 5). 

For more information, please contact the Center of Portuguese Studies and Culture at             508-999-8255       , visit the Program's website ( or e-mail the Summer Program directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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